Thanks to those parents who have let us know about access problems with Busythings. Our technology support team are looking into it and assure us it will be sorted ASAP.
Thanks for your patience, we will get it sorted.


Woodwork bench

Just wanted to update you on the woodwork bench as I know lots of you are keen to know what’s happening. We had to get some secure storage for the tools and order all the things to go with the bench. There is often a long wait for ordered items and some of the stuff we are still waiting for.
We are going to roll it out slowly and spend a lot of time ensuring the children understand the necessary rules for the equipment.
Thanks for your patience, we will blog photos when everything is set up.

Year 1 Team



From last week… Thinking about what we are great at and those things we want to get better at.

From this week…in one afternoon we built new worlds.

Measured snakes.

Played phonics games.

Used our sense of smell to guess the food.

Made up our own song.

Explored the capacity of different containers. 

Made posters to help us remember what the rules are for soft c sounds and soft g sounds in words.