To think up our own stories


We have been writing the story of the Three Little Pigs this week. It’s inspired some of the children to make their own little books. They have also been busy making props for retelling the story.

This afternoon we learnt about algorithms and de bugging by making a jam sandwich. If you have a member of 1EC at home ask them about the learning that took place.  You might think below is two children but one is a robot. 


We have been looking at these sounds and started to use a new sound mat to help us to recall them. Can you find these sounds on the sound mat? Can you spy the sounds in words?


wh for whistle

ph for Photo or elephant

ir for girl

ue for glue and ue for queue

We have also looked at how you spell these words:

should, could, would, looked, asked and called.




We’ve had a busy Monday…

Finding our new sound ph when reading!

Using pictures and drawings to tell a shortened version of the three little pigs so we are ready to write tomorrow. We have also looked at the key words of the story

Once, first, second, third, house, brick, straw, sticks, wolf, after, finally, their

Learning clever ways of adding amounts together. Always putting the bigger number first, counting on from that number, using the number line.

Happy New Year

Thank you so much for our cards and gifts at the end of the year. We hope you had a restful holiday. 

We have started the term by learning about 3D shapes, 2D shapes and patterns. 

We are using the much loved fairytale, The Three Little Pigs, to help us learn more about writing. 

In Phonics we have continued to learn alternative spellings for sounds we know.

Looking at the two sound mats, which letter combinations make the same sound?

Today we also learnt the spellings for could and should by learning the rhyme Oh yoU Lucky Duck. 

Well done for all those that remembered to bring back their PE kits after the Christmas break!